Nuka opened its doors on March 22nd of this year.  DeWitt, Moon, and Yuri welcome you to come and dine with us.  Please enjoy this Izakaya style Japanese sushi restaurant featuring seasonal, locally sourced ingredients.

N U K A is the Japanese word for rice bran.

Nuka is created in the process of turning brown rice into white, also known as polishing or milling. It is then mixed with water, salt, kelp, or ginger and turned into a pickling bed. Any vegetable can be buried in the nuka bed for one day to many months. The final product is nukazuke, a salty, tangy, sour pickle loaded with probiotics.

Nuka, the restaurant, was born of a love for food and culture. Restaurant creators Yuri, DeWitt, and Moon have long admired the natural simplicity and unique artistry of Japanese cuisine. Together with executive chef, Hiro Takanashi, they believe that food is best when the ingredients are fresh and the preparation is kept simple. Supporting local farmers and fishermen is a priority as well as a responsibility at Nuka. We will bring local and seasonal ingredients to the table as often as possible.

Food has the power to bring people together and we hope to enhance the experience by offering delicious meals in the heart of Haiku.

Gyotaku – unique hand-printed Hawaiian art prints by Dewitt Lickle